Improving Maternal and Child Health in the District of Columbia

For nearly 150 years, Providence has maintained a simple yet intensely challenging pledge to provide health care with compassion, respect, and generosity of spirit, especially for the most vulnerable members of our society. The Center for Perinatal Advocacy at Providence was developed to establish a legacy to improve maternal and child health in the District of Columbia. The Center for Perinatal Advocacy aims to improve the understanding of maternal and child health and health care issues by public and private sector individuals and community partners. The goal of the Center for Perinatal Advocacy is to improve birth outcomes and decrease infant mortality in the District through implementation of best practices and policy. 

Improving Birth Outcomes with Innovative Strategies 

The Center for Perinatal Advocacy at Providence is charged with improving birth outcomes and decreasing infant mortality rates in the District of Columbia. We develop innovative strategies to combat these issues and through our work with community partners, we offer:

  • Education about policies and best practices, lessons learned and effectiveness of current programs.
  • Connect with other stakeholders with in the District and nationally who grapple with the same challenges and share the same commitment to improving maternal and infant health.
  • Collaborate on innovative solutions to solving the infant mortality crisis in the District.

Informative Webcasts from The Center for Perinatal Advocacy 

The Center for Perinatal Advocacy, along with RadioOne, recently hosted an informative webcast "Transforming the District - Embracing Healthy Moms and Delivering Healthy Babies" on KYSDC.  Center for Perinatal Advocacy Webcast provides helpful information about delivering healthy babies. 

Contact Us for More Information

For more information on The Center for Perinatal Advocacy please contact:

Gabriela Garcia
Perinatal Coordinator 
The Center for Perinatal Advocacy at Providence
1150 Varnum St. NE 
Washington DC 20017

202-854-4878 (phone) 
202-854-7160 (fax)

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