Ophthalmology Specialists Focus on Advanced Eye Care at Providence

A person’s ability to see a loved one, look out a window, or watch the sun set is a capability that many people take for granted. The ability to see our world is something we may not think much about, until we can no longer see that world. Visual impairment is common and very treatable. About 120 million people in the U.S. wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision problems. Cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes are the leading cause of blindness in our nation.  

Eyesight is not something people should take for granted, that's why taking an active role in maintaining and improving your eye sight is important. It is beneficial to get routine eye exams to prevent and detect any abnormalities.

If you have blurred vision, sore and tired eyes, eye inflammation, diabetes, cataracts, or glaucoma, contact any one of our Board Certified Ophthalmologists. They are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment, state-of-the-art surgical technology and lasers to treat various eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and Optic Atrophy or Dry Eye, a damaged retina that can lead to blindness or visual impairment caused by complications of diabetes.

Superior Vision Services at Washington

Providence provides a wide range of vision services to better serve the needs of our patients. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Cataract Evaluation Surgery
  • Pterygium Removal Surgery
  • Corneal Transplants
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Evaluation and Treatment
  • Glaucoma Evaluation and Treatment
  • Routine Eye Exams
  • Eye Glass Boutique  

Visual impairments are treatable and some are even curable if diagnosed early. However, it is best to prevent such diseases before they occur by getting regular vision screenings.  Our staff of skilled ophthalmologists perform routine prevention and diagnostic eye exams, which are often recommended every 2-5 years for adults 40 years and older with no risk factor or depending on your physician’s recommendation.

For More Information about Physician Specialists

Connect with one of our ophthalmologists or call our physician referral services line at 1-855-823-WELL (9355)

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