Open MRI offering high-quality imaging

Hitachi Oasis High Field offers unobstructed, open MRI...

Providence Hospital is the first hospital in the District to offer patients the latest alternative in open MRI scanning.  Instead of having a circular opening (or bore) where the patient is placed for several minutes for the scanning process, the open MRI at Providence is completely open on the sides, providing patients with a completely unobstructed view. 

In addition to providing more visual space for the patient, the larger table can accommodate patients weighing up to 660 lbs. 

It’s a fact that more than 20% of MRI patients have claustrophobia and may require sedation in order to have an MRI exam. The new, open MRI at Providence offers the best of both worlds – for the patient and the physician.  Open architecture for less patient anxiety, and high field strength, delivering clearer images, comparable to those provided with a traditional MRI, for physician confidence in the most accurate diagnosis.

...while still producing high-quality images

Through the eyes of an MRI radiologist or an orthopedic surgeon, this is a remarkably high-quality image of a patient's wrist. The sharpness and detail can also be appreciated by many others.  This image illustrates why the Oasis is especially valued for orthopedic work.  The image quality is excellent, and the open space for the patient helps in several ways.  A more comfortable patient is more likely to remain still.  The patient can also place the limb easily in special positions, more likely to give critical information.  We can place the joint in the center of the field, where any unit gives its highest quality images.

Oasis bran scan This image of the brain shows excellent separation of the cortical grey matter from the underlying white matter.  The quality of this image allows neurologists and radiologists to see a clear, high-quality image of the brain, while still allowing the patient to be in a comfortable setting with abundant visual space





Oasis brain DWIThis image is of paramount importance to neurologists and stroke physicians.  Generally open MRIs do not have the capability to produce this image.  This image depicts the key sequences telling physicians whether or not the patient has an acute stroke.  When one mentions an open MRI, the first question from the neurologist is, "Does it have DWI?".  The Oasis 1.2 T at Providence does.  In fact, this highlights a difference between the Oasis 1.2 T and most open MRIs. The Oasis 1.2 T acts like a conventional closed MRI rather than a conventional open MRI.  The protocol for the Hitachi Oasis 1.2T MRI is even the same as the traditional, closed MRI.  There is little need to change anything. For most open MRIs, whole sequences can not be done and there would have to be major changes.  For Providence's Hitachi Oasis 1.2T open MRI, whole sequences can be done and we are able to keep protocol and quality the same.





Oasis brain scan taaThis image shows the arteries of the brain, without giving contrast.  It is difficult to get a higher-quality image than this.

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