Experience a Full Continuum of Specialized Hand Care  

At Providence, we have an exceptional staff of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists ready to treat your Hand and Upper Extremity problems with an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

The Upper Extremity is vital for daily living activities, such as driving to work, typing up a report, and even waving hello to a friend. When daily activities such as these become difficult and painful, turn to Providence’s Orthopedic Services for compassionate and advanced care that will have you back to normal in no time.

Providence’s orthopedic team and Rehabilitative Services staff are qualified to treat many hand, arm, and shoulder problems. 

Services we provide include:

  • Anesthesia (Local)
  • Finger Fracture Fixation
  • Open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
  • Tendon Repair
  • Wrist Arthroscopy

    Conditions We Treat

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    To find an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Hand and Upper Extremities call our physician referral services line at 1-855-823-WELL (9355).

    Main hospital Phone: (202) 854 7000

    Providence Hospital, 1150 Varnum Street, N.E. Washington, DC 20017 2180