The Emergency Care Center Provides Expert Care in Washington, DC

It's what's on the inside that counts.

On the outside, Providence is still the longest operating hospital in this region.

But on the inside, we have the newest world-class Emergency Care Center (ECC) in DC. We provide first rate emergency service 24/7 to every person who comes through our doors.

Our expanded center allows us to treat more than 60,000 patients a year. Most important, our increased staff of board-certified physicians, ER nurses and technicians is the most experienced, compassionate and specially trained to respond to the wide range of emergency and acute conditions that occur daily.

More Space, Privacy and Amenities.

Providence's new ECC has a spacious, open environment to help foster peace and calm. There are 32 new large, individual treatment rooms, complete with TV's, sinks and warming blankets. You simply won't find this kind of privacy and comfort at any other emergency room in the area.

One thing, however, remains the same: our commitment to high-quality, compassionate care based on Providence's mission of treating the body, mind and spirit.

The Wait Is Over.

Just having a larger ECC and staff means Providence can treat more emergency patients in less time. But that's only the beginning.

Our strong commitment to Rapid Medical Evaluation enables us to provide evaluation and care soon after a patient arrives, and before they see a doctor. Medical and insurance information are also coordinated upfront.

Our convenient location in Brookland has ample free parking, and accepts patients via all forms of transportation. It all adds up to less time spent waiting. Which, ironically, is what everyone's been waiting for.

Our Emergency Services Include:

  • Emergency and acute care
  • Clinical Decision Unit for observation
  • Casting, Splinting, and Suturing for minor trauma
  • X-Ray and appropriate special radiology studies
  • Emergency laboratory studies
  • Emergency mental health and addiction treatment evaluation by licensed clinicians
  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Referral Programs to specialty centers at Washington Hospital Center and Prince George's Hospital Center
  • A unique program for referral and coordination of follow-up care after the emergency visit through our ED Diversion Program
  • Emergency Pastoral Support for all our patients in need

To contact the Emergency Care Center at Providence Hospital, call (202) 854-7001.

Main hospital Phone: (202) 854 7000

Providence Hospital, 1150 Varnum Street, N.E. Washington, DC 20017 2180